Brick tinting is the process of physically tinting bricks to either change or blend in areas of brickwork to the surrounding areas. Brick and mortar tinting is used when colour variation is unacceptable. To harmonise inconsistencies in colour. To correct colour defects and enhance existing surfaces, i.e. to blend in new house extensions or completely change the colour of the brick work.

We apply the tint usually one brick at a time so as to match the random and varied colouring of brick work and stone. We also use a pressurised spraying technique on large areas. Airbrushing and ragging are also techniques used for specialist ''fine-line'' and "ageing'' finishes. The products contain the highest quality ingredients and have been used successfully for over 25 years in the construction industry.

The products used are non-toxic, non-harmful and contain zero volatile organic compounds. Our products chemically bond with all types of masonry and are absorbed creating a natural, permanent colour modification which will not hide the surface texture and gives a durable weather proof bond that locks in colour. Our stain system requires no maintenance and comes with a full 25 year guarantee.

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